Bianca Belair has quickly become a fan favorite in the women’s division, thanks to her impressive skills and vibrant personality.

One of her most distinguishing features is her incredibly long braid, which has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans and the WWE Universe.

Is Bianca Belair’s hair real or not? This question has been the subject of much debate, and we’re here to explore all the evidence and incidents that may shed light on this intriguing mystery.

The Role of Bianca’s Hair in Her Persona

Bianca’s hair is not just a part of her appearance; it has become an integral part of her identity and her in-ring performance.

Her hair length, almost equivalent to her height, is not only unique but also functional, as she has used it to execute jaw-dropping moves against her opponents.

This has led fans to question the authenticity of her hair, as it seems almost too perfect and functional to be real.

Despite being frequently asked about it, Belair has not given a definitive answer, leaving fans in suspense.

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Bianca discussed the length of her hair, stating, “It’s pretty long.

It almost touches, I would say it’s between my ankle and my knee, so somewhere mid-calf, so that’s the length of my hair. Preparing the hair for every match is a task.

I’m not even going to lie about that. It’s a task.” She acknowledges the difficulty in maintaining such long hair but does not confirm or deny its authenticity.

Evidence Suggesting Bianca’s Hair Might Be False

Montez Ford, Belair’s husband, proposed the idea of the braid as part of her in-ring gear. However, there are several reasons to believe that her hair may not be entirely real:

Social Media Posts

Bianca often shares pictures on her social media accounts, taken away from the ring. These images reveal a hair length that is significantly shorter than what she sports during her matches.

Hair Thickness

Typically, hair becomes thinner towards the ends. However, this is not the case with Belair’s hair, which maintains a thick and full appearance throughout its length, raising questions about its authenticity.

Hair Straightness

Bianca’s hair is quite straight, which contrasts with the typical hair texture of her community, leading to further speculation.

Consistency of the Braid

Despite other WWE women wrestlers frequently changing their attire and overall appearance, Bianca’s braid has remained a constant, making it more suspicious.

Use of Hair as a Weapon

Bianca often uses her braid to tackle her opponents, producing a distinct noise upon impact. Many fans question whether real hair could create such an effect.

Additional Factors to Consider


Maintaining natural hair of such length and thickness can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. It would also be more susceptible to damage during matches, which could be a concern for Bianca and the WWE.

Performance Enhancement

The braid is not just a fashion statement; it is also used as a tool during matches. This dual functionality might be easier to achieve with artificial hair designed for this purpose.

Consistency of Appearance

WWE superstars often have a consistent appearance to maintain their brand and be easily identifiable by fans. An artificial braid would ensure that Bianca’s appearance remains consistent, regardless of any changes to her natural hair.


While there is no confirmed statement from Bianca Belair regarding the authenticity of her hair, there is ample evidence to suggest that it may not be entirely real.

The thickness, straightness, and functionality of her braid, as well as the inconsistency in length between her social media posts and in-ring appearances, all point towards the possibility of her hair being partially or entirely artificial.

However, until there is an official confirmation from Bianca herself, the mystery of her hair will continue to intrigue and captivate the WWE Universe.

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