Have you ever found yourself watching TV shows about antiques? If you have, you probably know Anita Manning! She is a famous Scottish antiques expert and TV star. With her bright smile and cool style, Anita always makes people look twice. A lot of people wonder: Is Anita Manning’s hair real? Let’s find out the answer to this fun question!

Getting to Know Anita Manning

Before we talk about her hair, let’s learn more about Anita Manning. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1947, Anita loved antiques even when she was a little girl. In the 1970s, she opened her own antiques shop called “Great Western Auctions.” Anita worked hard and soon became a well-known antiques dealer.

Anita started appearing on the TV show “Antiques Road Trip” in the 1990s. She shared her knowledge with everyone watching, and people all around the world got to know her. Anita also appeared on other TV shows like “Bargain Hunt” and “Flog It!” People know her for her great style and friendly personality.

Digging into the Mystery of Anita’s Hair

Let’s explore the mystery of her hair! A lot of people want to know if her short, curly, and usually bright red hair is real or a wig.

Anita has tried many hair colors, like blonde and brown, but bright red is her favorite. Some people think her hair looks too perfect and bright to be real. So, we need to find out the truth about Anita’s hair!

Finding Out: Is Anita’s Hair Real?

After looking into it, we can say yes, Anita Manning’s hair is real! She does not wear a wig. Her curly hair is all hers. Anita has talked about her hair in interviews. She said she loves to try different colors because it’s fun!

But, Anita’s bright red hair color is not natural. Like many of us, she colors her hair to get that bright shade. However, the curls and the length of her hair are all real. Anita takes really good care of her hair to keep it looking nice and healthy.

Source: hellomagazine.com

Why Do People Love Anita’s Hair?

Anita Manning’s hair doesn’t just catch people’s eyes – it captures hearts! But what makes her hair so special? Here are several reasons:

Unique Style

Anita’s hair is like a breath of fresh air! With its vibrant red curls, it stands out in a crowd. You don’t come across such a unique hairstyle every day, making it a talking point and a memorable feature. This distinctive style helps define Anita’s public image and contributes significantly to why people adore her.


The way Anita carries herself speaks volumes about her confidence. She’s comfortable in her skin and isn’t afraid to showcase her individuality. People find her self-assurance contagious and inspirational, making them admire not just her knowledge of antiques, but her personality too. Her bold hair choice is a reflection of her bold character, encouraging others to embrace their uniqueness as well.

Fun and Playful

A peek at Anita’s hair and you can tell – here’s a woman who loves to have fun! The playful curls and the adventurous red speak of a personality that’s lively and exciting. Her hair is a canvas she uses to express her joyful and spirited nature. People feel drawn to this aspect of her, finding it refreshing and engaging.

Versatility and Experimentation

Anita’s willingness to experiment with different hair colors and styles showcases her versatile personality. People love that she’s not afraid to change things up and keep things interesting. It’s like she’s saying – it’s okay to try new things and have fun with your look!

Positive Energy

Every time Anita flashes her bright smile, her hair seems to shine even brighter! People sense the positive energy she radiates. Her hair is not just about looks; it’s a reflection of her inner joy and positivity. This infectious energy is another reason why people can’t help but love Anita and her fabulous hair.

Wrapping Up: Anita’s Real and Wonderful Hair!

So, now we know! Anita Manning’s hair is real, and she loves trying out different styles and colors. People find her hair interesting because it’s a big part of what makes Anita special.

Her bright red curls show off her confidence and unique style. Anita’s hair reflects her fun personality, and that’s one of many reasons people like her so much. Whether she is talking about antiques on TV or at an event, Her hair always makes people look twice!

Anita isn’t afraid to change up her hair game, and we love it! What’s been your favorite Anita Manning hairstyle? Share below!

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