Curly hair and fades are a winning combination! Low taper fades, in particular, offer the perfect blend of clean lines and natural texture. Whether you have loose waves, tight coils, or something in between, there’s a low taper fade out there to elevate your look.

Why Low Taper Fades Work for Curly Hair

  • Versatility: Low tapers come in many variations, from subtle and classic to high-contrast and bold. This allows them to flatter a wide range of curl types and personal styles.
  • Clean-cut Style: The fade keeps your sides and back looking sharp, while you get to embrace the volume and texture of your curls on top.
  • Low Maintenance: Curly cuts with a fade tend to be easy to style, especially if you find the right products and techniques for your hair type.

18 Low Taper Fade Styles to Inspire You


Style #1: Taper Fade with Natural Curls

This low-maintenance style offers a subtle fade around the temples and sideburns, blending seamlessly into your natural curls. It’s a fantastic option if you want a polished, clean-cut look without dramatic contrasts or the need for extensive styling. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a very short fade that begins at the temples and curves gently around the ears. Use a lightweight gel or mousse to give your curls soft definition while minimizing frizz and flyaways.


Style # 2: Drop Fade with Blowout

Embrace volume and texture with this style! A drop fade starts slightly lower than a traditional fade, offering a bit more length on the sides and transitioning smoothly into the longer top section. This style works exceptionally well for curly and wavy hair types. For styling, start with freshly washed and conditioned hair, applying a heat protectant to prevent damage.


Style #3: Burst Fade with Twist-Out

Make a bold statement with this eye-catching style. The burst fade curves outwards around the temples, creating a dramatic semi-circular effect. Pairing it with a twist-out on top adds definition and texture, showcasing your beautiful coils. To get the look, ask your barber for a pronounced burst fade, blending seamlessly into the longer hair on top. After washing and conditioning your hair, separate it into small sections and apply a curl-defining cream.


Style #4: Graduated Fade with Side Part

This style offers a refined, versatile look that can work for various curl types. The graduated fade creates a smooth, subtle transition from shorter hair at the sides to longer on top, providing a flattering and balanced effect. Adding a defined side part adds a touch of classic style to the look. To get this hairstyle, ask your barber for a low taper fade that gradually gets longer towards the top, leaving enough length for styling with a side part.


Style #5: Graduated Fade with Finger Coils

This look combines the clean lines of a fade with the beautiful definition of finger coils. The graduated fade adds dimension and showcases your curl pattern, while the finger coils provide a polished and structured style. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a blended low taper fade that gradually transitions into a longer top section.


Style #6: Temple Fade with Defined Top Section

This style focuses on creating a clean-cut look while maintaining a neatly shaped top. The temple fade offers a subtle, refined touch around the temples and sideburns, while the longer top section can be styled in various ways for a personalized look. To get this look, ask your barber for a low fade that starts at the temples and curves gently around the ears.


Style #7: Classic Low Taper with Brushed Up Curls

This style combines a clean-cut fade with timeless volume and texture. The classic low taper provides a sharp, polished foundation for styling the longer top section. Brushing your curls upwards adds height and movement, creating a confident and stylish look.


Style #8: Mid Taper with Curly Fringe

Embrace a touch of playful edge with this stylish combination. The higher mid-taper creates a slightly bolder contrast than a classic low taper, adding a modern twist. The curly fringe brings a laid-back yet fashion-forward element to the look. To get this hairstyle, ask your barber for a mid-taper fade that leaves ample length on top.


Style #9: Mid Taper with High Top

Channel retro vibes with this unique and stylish look. The mid-taper fade creates a clean transition to a structured, high-top style. This look works particularly well for those with tighter curls or kinky textures. To achieve this hairstyle, ask your barber for a mid-taper fade leaving a defined top section long enough to shape upwards. Use styling products like gels or pomades for sculpting the high top and maintaining its structure throughout the day.


Style #10: Low Taper with Curly Pompadour

This modern take on a classic style combines a clean-cut fade with a voluminous, retro-inspired top. The low taper fade provides a sharp, polished foundation for the pompadour. To achieve this, ask your barber for a low taper fade that leaves enough length on top for styling upwards. Apply a generous amount of pomade or styling wax to your damp curls and blow-dry upwards while combing with a wide-tooth comb or brush to create the desired shape and volume.


Style #11: Low Taper with Side-Swept Curls

This look offers a relaxed and effortlessly stylish vibe. The low taper provides a clean foundation while the longer top section styled in a side-swept direction adds movement and a touch of casual elegance. To achieve this hairstyle, ask your barber for a classic low taper fade leaving ample length on top. Apply a lightweight styling cream or gel to enhance definition while minimizing frizz.


Style #12: High Taper with Sponge Curls

This bold and eye-catching style celebrates natural coils in all their glory. The high taper fade creates a striking contrast with the tightly defined curls on top. Sponge styling adds extra definition and shape, especially for tightly coiled or kinky hair textures. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a high taper fade leaving a generous amount of hair on top. After washing and conditioning, apply a curl-defining cream and use a styling sponge to create tight coils. Use a light hair oil or serum to add shine and keep your curls moisturized.


Style #13: Skin Fade with Brushed-Out Top

This look offers maximum contrast and an edgy, modern vibe. The bold skin fade creates a striking transition to the textured, voluminous top section. To achieve this style, ask your barber for a high skin fade that blends seamlessly with the longer top section. Apply a curl-defining cream or gel followed by a light-hold mousse to encourage volume. Then, use a wide-toothed comb or hair pick to brush your curls upwards and outwards, creating a textured and fluffy look for a dramatic and eye-catching style.


Style #14: Drop Fade with Twist-Out

This style combines a clean-cut fade with bouncy, defined curls. The drop fade offers a slightly more relaxed feel than a classic low taper, creating a gentle transition to the twist-out on top. This style works well for a range of curl types and offers a unique, textured look. Ask your barber for a drop fade that leaves enough length on top to create your twist-out. After washing and conditioning, apply a generous amount of curl-defining cream and create two-strand twists all over your head. Allow the twists to dry completely for maximum definition, then unravel them gently for bouncy, elongated curls.


Style #15: Low Taper with Afro

This timeless and effortless style celebrates natural texture. The low taper provides a clean foundation while allowing the volume and shape of your afro to shine through. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a low taper fade that complements your face shape while leaving plenty of length for your afro. Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and hair oil to keep your afro hydrated and promote healthy growth. Lightly pick out your afro with a hair pick for extra volume and a fluffy, natural look.

The “Why” of Low Taper Fades for Curls

Embrace Your Texture: Curly hair is all about volume and personality, and a low taper fade lets that shine! It tames the sides just enough for a clean look while showcasing the gorgeous texture on top.

Definition for Days: The contrast between the short fade and your longer curls actually helps each ringlet pop. Say goodbye to sides blending into an undefined poof, and hello to sculpted style.

Modern Versatility: Think of the low taper fades as the perfect chameleon cut. Style it messy with some texturizing spray for a laid-back vibe, or use a curl cream for a polished, date-night-ready look.

Styling Tips for Curly Hair with a Low Taper Fade

  • Embrace Your Texture: Work with your natural curls, not against them! Choose styling techniques that enhance your curl pattern.
  • Find Your Products: Experiment with curl creams, gels, and leave-in conditioners to find what works best for your hair. Look for products tailored to your curl type.
  • Don’t Overwash: Curly hair benefits from less frequent washing to prevent dryness. Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and always follow with a moisturizing conditioner.

Communicating with Your Barber

  • Bring Photos: Visuals are always helpful! Show your barber the specific low taper looks you like.
  • Use the Lingo: Phrases like “skin fade”, “temple fade”, and “line-up” help get your vision across.
  • Describe Your Hair: Explain your curl type and texture, and whether you want a subtle or bolder fade.


Each of these 15 low taper fade curly hair styles for men offers a unique way to celebrate curly hair’s natural texture while keeping the look fresh and modern.

Whether you prefer a subtle, clean-cut appearance or a bold, statement-making style, there’s a curly hair taper fade that’s perfect for you.

Remember, the key to rocking any of these looks is to ensure your curls are well-maintained.

Regular haircuts, proper hydration, and the right styling products will keep your curls looking their best, allowing your chosen style to truly shine.

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