The mullet haircut, famously known as the “business in the front, party in the back” style, has made a surprising comeback and is now more popular than ever among boys of all ages.

From toddlers to teenagers, the mullet has been adapted in various ways to suit different hair types, personalities, and trends.

Here are 11 boys mullet haircut ideas that are both stylish and practical, perfect for parents looking to give their little ones a fresh and trendy look.

1. Mullet with Tapered Sides

The classic mullet with tapered sides offers a clean and sharp look that balances the traditional mullet style with modern hair trends.

This version keeps the hair longer at the back but adds a contemporary touch with neatly tapered sides, making it suitable for both casual and formal settings.

It’s a versatile choice that reflects a sense of maturity while still allowing boys to express their playful side. Ideas for adapting mullets to different hair types, including thin hair, can be explored in the article on curly mullet haircuts at Stylorize.

2. Curly Top Mullet with Fade

For boys blessed with curls, the curly top mullet with a fade not only embraces the natural texture of their hair but also adds a trendy twist.

The top part of the hair is left voluminous and curly, which contrasts beautifully with the faded sides. This style is perfect for little ones who want a standout hairstyle that’s both fun and fashionable.

Expert styling tips for curly mullets can be found in Audrey Noble’s article on InStyle, “The Mullet Is Officially Back — Here’s How to Do It Right.”

3. Modern Mullet with Sharp Lines for Toddler

The modern mullet with sharp lines is all about precision and edge. It incorporates geometric lines and angles, creating a more structured and futuristic version of the mullet. This haircut is especially appealing for toddlers, as it gives them a sleek and stylish look that’s bound to turn heads at the playground.

4. Textured Mullet with Disconnected Undercut

This mullet variant introduces a bold contrast between the top and sides with a disconnected undercut.

The textured top adds depth and movement, making it a great option for boys who prefer a more dynamic and edgy appearance. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a hairstyle that’s both unique and easy to maintain.

5. Long Tail Mullet for Kids

Embracing natural curls, the long tail mullet allows boys to show off their curly locks with a fun twist.

The back is kept long and curly, highlighting the hair’s natural texture, while the front and sides can be styled more conservatively.

This haircut is perfect for kids who love their curls and want a hairstyle that’s both playful and stylish.

6. Short Spiky Mullet

For boys with thinner hair, the short spiky mullet offers a solution that adds volume and texture. The spiky top, combined with a shorter mullet length, creates the illusion of thicker hair. It’s a great way to add personality to their look without overwhelming their delicate hair type.

7. Vintage-Inspired Mullet with Soft Bangs

Drawing inspiration from the past, this vintage-inspired mullet brings a touch of nostalgia with modern flair.

Soft bangs are paired with a gentle mullet taper, creating a look that’s both timeless and charming. It’s suitable for boys who appreciate a more understated and classic hairstyle.

8. Edgy Mullet with Hard Part for Black

The edgy mullet with a hard part combines boldness and precision, offering a standout style for black boys.

The hard part adds a clean line that separates the top from the faded sides, while the mullet back adds a playful element.

This haircut is perfect for those looking to make a statement with their hair. Insights on soft and gentle mullets can be found in the mullet fade haircut guide.

9. Baby Boy Soft Mullet with Gentle Tapers

For the youngest trendsetters, the baby boy soft mullet with gentle tapers is a cute and manageable option.

This style keeps everything soft and subtle, with slight tapers that blend seamlessly into the mullet back. It’s an adorable way to introduce little ones to the world of stylish haircuts.

10. Layered Mullet with Thick Hair

Boys with thick hair can benefit from the layered mullet, which uses layers to remove bulk while maintaining length at the back.

This approach ensures the hair is manageable and stylish, providing a balanced look that’s both practical and trendy. It’s a smart choice for those dealing with thicker hair textures. For more on textured and edgy mullets, refer to Elliott Pritchard’s insights in “The Modern Mullet.”

11. Mini Mullet for Toddlers with Wispy Ends

Lastly, the mini mullet for toddlers features wispy ends for a soft and endearing appearance.

This gentle version of the mullet is perfect for the youngest boys, offering a hint of the mullet style without being too overwhelming for their small features.

The wispy ends add a touch of whimsy and are easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for busy parents who want their toddlers to have a fashionable yet low-maintenance hairstyle.


Each of these 11 boys mullet haircut ideas offers something unique, allowing boys to express their individuality while embracing a style that’s both fun and fashionable.

Whether you’re looking for a haircut that’s easy to maintain, one that suits a particular hair type, or simply a style that stands out, there’s a mullet variation that fits the bill.

The mullet’s versatility and adaptability make it a great choice for boys of all ages. From soft and subtle looks for the youngest kids to bold and edgy styles for older boys, the mullet can be tailored to match any personality or preference.

It’s a testament to the hairstyle’s enduring appeal and its ability to evolve with the times while still retaining its playful essence.

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