The blowout low taper haircut is an incredibly sharp and stylish look characterized by a clean, graduated fade paired with a voluminous, textured top. Its perfect blend of polished precision and textured movement has taken the world of men’s hair by storm.

While it’s always an excellent option to have a professional stylist handle this look, you can achieve a fabulous blowout low taper at home with the right tools, techniques, and a little practice.

The Tools for Your Blowout Low Taper Success

Before starting, gather these essential styling tools:

  • Hair Dryer: Look for a dryer with various heat and speed settings. A diffuser attachment is crucial for curly and coily hair.
  • Round Brush: Helps create volume and smooths hair during the blowout. Choose a size based on your hair length (shorter hair = smaller brush).
  • Heat Protectant: Protects your hair from heat damage caused by blow drying.
  • Styling Products: Products add hold, definition, and texture. Pomades, waxes, and sea salt sprays are fantastic options.
  • Comb: Aids in detangling, parting your hair, and creating a clean hairline.

Step-by-Step Blowout Low Taper Styling Guide

Achieving the perfect low blowout taper at home requires a bit of technique. Follow these steps as your foundation and customize them later to suit your preferences and hair texture:

Step 1: Prep and Protect

Begin with freshly washed hair that retains some moisture. Gently blot excess water with a towel, avoiding aggressive rubbing. Thoroughly apply heat protectant to every strand. This crucial step shields your hair from damage caused by blow-drying.

Step 2: Rough Dry for Volume

Set your blow dryer to medium heat and speed. Begin drying your hair without focusing on precision yet; simply work the dryer through your hair, lifting at the roots to encourage volume. Direct the airflow in line with how you want your finished style to lay.

Step 3: Section and Conquer

Divide your hair into sections for strategic styling. Start with the sides and back. Use your round brush to gently pull hair upwards as you blow dry in a downward motion. This technique smooths the hair and creates a sleek foundation for your taper.

Step 4: Top It Off

Focus on the top section of your hair. To maximize volume, blow dry your hair forward initially. Then, move the dryer and your brush side-to-side, always maintaining an upward lift to inject your hair with plenty of body and movement.

Step 5: Style and Detail

Once your hair is fully dry, it’s time for styling! Use a small amount of your chosen styling product (pomade, wax, sea salt spray, etc.) and distribute it evenly. Shape your blowout with your fingers or a comb to achieve your desired level of definition, texture, and hold.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Carefully refine the edges of your taper with clippers or hair trimming shears for a crisp, clean line. If desired, especially if you have fine hair, add a light misting of hairspray for a final boost of hold and a polished finish.

Technique Tweaks for Your Hair Texture

Now, let’s customize your blowout low taper routine to get the best results for your unique hair type:

Straight Hair Techniques

  • Product is Your Friend: Straight hair often benefits from styling products with stronger hold to achieve a lasting blowout. Choose pomades or waxes.
  • Build Volume: Focus on blow drying upwards and against your hair’s natural growth pattern to maximize lift and volume.

Wavy Hair Techniques

  • Define the Waves: Work with your natural waves while blow drying. Use a slightly smaller round brush for more controlled styling.
  • Scrunch and Dry: As your hair dries, gently scrunch sections with your fingers to encourage waves and add texture. For more definition, utilize a diffuser.

Curly Hair Techniques

  • Diffuser is Key: A diffuser minimizes frizz and helps define your curls during the drying process. Use on a low heat, low speed setting.
  • Embrace Definition: Apply a curl cream before blow drying for enhanced definition and moisture. As you dry, gently twist small sections around your fingers to form ringlets.

Coily Hair Techniques

  • Pre-Styling Prep: Thoroughly detangle with a wide-tooth comb and leave-in conditioner before blow drying.
  • Stretch and Dry: Dry on low heat and use your fingers to gently stretch sections for a longer look. For a more compact blowout, use a diffuser.

Pro-Tips for Your Perfect Blowout Low Taper

Achieving a salon-quality low taper blowout at home is a skill developed over time. Follow these pro-tips for optimal results and a smooth learning curve:

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any new styling technique, mastering the blowout low taper requires practice. Don’t become discouraged if your initial attempts don’t meet your expectations. Each time you style your hair, you’ll improve and discover techniques that work best for you.

Start with Shorter Hair

The blowout low taper is much more manageable when you begin with shorter hair on top. This allows you to master the foundational techniques of creating volume and shaping the blowout without navigating excessive length. As your skills improve, gradually increase the length for even more styling possibilities.

Experiment with Products

Styling products play a crucial role in achieving the hold, texture, and finish you want with your blowout low taper. Explore the advantages of different options like pomades, waxes, creams, and sea salt sprays. Consider factors like your hair type, desired hold level, and whether you prefer a matte or slightly shiny finish.

Invest in Quality Tools

The right tools elevate your at-home styling game! A powerful blow dryer with various heat and speed settings gives you maximum control. A selection of round brushes in different sizes provides versatility. High-quality styling products ensure the best possible results for your blowout low taper.

Blowout Low Taper Maintenance

With the right care, you can enjoy your stylish blowout low taper for several days between washes and restyling sessions. Here’s how to keep your style looking its best:

Refresh Second (and Third) Day Hair

Day-old hair can easily lose its volume and definition. Dry shampoo is the secret weapon for refreshing your blowout low taper. It absorbs excess oil and instantly revives volume at the roots. Use your fingers or a minimal amount of styling product to reshape your style.

Sleep Protection

Friction against regular pillowcases can disrupt your blowout and cause frizz. Opt for a silk or satin pillowcase, or alternatively, use a satin bonnet. These smooth fabrics protect your styled hair and minimize breakage throughout the night, keeping your blowout looking fresher.

Regular Trims

Maintain the sharp lines of your low taper with frequent trims, ideally every 2-3 weeks. Additionally, schedule regular trims on the top sections of your hair to maintain the shape of your cut and prevent split ends. This ensures that your blowouts always have a healthy, polished foundation to build upon.

Own Your Blowout Low Taper with Confidence

The blowout low taper is a hairstyle that exudes confidence. With a few key tools, the right techniques for your hair texture, and some practice, you’ll rock this incredibly polished and stylish look straight from your own bathroom.

Don’t be afraid to express your individuality by customizing the volume, texture, and overall styling. Soon, achieving a salon-worthy blowout low taper will become a signature part of your style routine.

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